YELLOW BLUE is ex Stand4Ukraine

Yellow Blue is a social entrepreneurship lounched at the second week of war.

We starded gathering a collection of pro-ukrainian prints from the most talented and conscious artists and designers from all over the world who kindly shared their works.

Our new name - YELLOW BLUE -  is a step towards more put-together, integral and substantial social business and a way to refresh our vision. Plase, welcome YELLOW BLUE as you once welcomed  Stand4Ukraine. Together we will win!

Shop with purpose

Our goals

To sell meaningful objects and donate all the profit to support Ukraine.

To help Ukraine and Ukrainians financially in the war with Russia and contribute to the restoration of the country.

To enforce worldwide unity and never let attention to Ukraine be flagging till the day of victory and ever after.

To narrate how cool Ukraine is 

To guide you through Ukraine’s cultural heritage and rich modern creative landscape.

Shop with purpose